Friday, January 29, 2010

So where do we go from here?

Jeff and I have been praying for a few months about the possibility of moving. Right now we live in a 1400 sq ft house with 2 kids, a dog, a SAHM, and a WAHD. It's a fun filled day with everyone around here all day. We are a very close family to say the least. We only have 3 bedrooms so Jeff has been working in our walk in closet. It definately strikes up a conversation when I say my husband is in the closet! HA! Needless to say after a year in the closet Jeff was ready to move on out. I, however, have had my heels dug in and refused.
Last week I gave in. I decided that I was being selfish. We would put the house on the market. (After all the market it bad and secretly I figured our house wouldn't sell and then I would look like a hero. I mean... I tried right?) So we spent the better part of the week cleaning up and touching up paint. The house went on the market on Friday. We got a full priced offer on Sunday.

WHAT?!? How did that happen? Who's idea was this anyway? OH NO! We are moving! This doesn't happen in real life.... especially not to people like me. Are you kidding? 2 days!!

The best part.... we hadn't even started to look at houses. I mean we weren't going to be able to sell our house remember. So Jeff and I did the whirlwind tour of Holly Springs and saw about 30 houses in 3 days. I think our realtor was ready to kill us. I knew what I wanted but I couldn't find it. FINALLY... we found it. It's perfect. 4 bedrooms, a huge master, a huge family room, an office for Jeff, fenced in back yard and it's more than double the size of this one!

PRAISE GOD! After some negotiating they accepted our offer and we will be moving in March 31st! We are closign on our home Feb 23rd... so we will be in limbo for about a month and staying at my parents. We are psyched!

Pictures to follow.... can't link up to without showing our address..... gotta take some manually

Happy New Year Present

Wow is it the end of January already! I can hardly believe it. We are still alive and I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. Life seems to be in fast forward around here. In some ways it seems like it should be March.... so much has been happening. But this post is about my wonderful husband and his New Years present. It was supposed to be a Christmas present but since the kids were so sick it didn't happen in time. For Christmas I got a frying pan. I was happy with it since I really needed one but it wasn't exactly a magical present. (Note to all you husbands even after you've been married 7 years a frying pan just doesn't light that spark.) However.....

a rock will ignite the spark. And based on this rock... I'll forgive him! Holy Moly! He's been holding out on me. I can't believe he was able to keep it a secret for that long. It's huge! Hannah keeps asking if she can wear it.... ahhhh I think not!

Sorry the picture is so junkie... it's so sparkly that it's hard to get a good shot. Take my word for it though... he did good! Hear that Jeffy... you did good! MWAH!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

I know, I know before you even tell me.... I skipped over Christmas. To be honest this year may have been the year to do just that. I have NO pictures, sans the ones that were set up after Christmas. Poor Drew! First Christmas and no real pictures. Tis the story of the second child I guess. But this time I actually had a good excuse. The kids were oober sick on Christmas. We had been to the doctor 3 times in one week and both kids were on antibiotics and running fevers of 104+ for 5 full days each. The night before Christmas Eve we were debating taking Hannah to the hospital. Thankfully it has all now passed. Just a small lingering cough to remind us of the fun.
Anyway, what now we are focusing on the New Year and what that will look like as a family of 4. The past year held so many changes for our family. It seems like WAY longer than a year. Jeff started a new job, Drew was born, Hannah started preschool, I stepped down as the organizer of our moms group, I made some GREAT friends, my grandmother passed, and Jeff's grandmother was moved to hospice, my brother FINAL got a job (love ya!), and we found a church home! What an amazing year!
This year I am hoping that we will continue to grow and change. I am praying for the valleys that will inevitably come and living in anticipation of the peaks that are sure to astound us. I can't wait to see how Hannah and Drew continue to suprise us as they turn 3 and 1! I can't believe it but I can't wait to usher in my birthday .... 30!!! It was also pointed out to me this week that on even number years I tend to get pregnant.... and while I can't promise that I can't help but think that the past 2 even number years have been amazing! So come 2010.... bring it on.... I can't wait to see what you hold!