Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Salsa and PB&J

So is it weird to put salsa on your pb&j?
With Hannah I never had any weird food cravings.... not a 1 during the whole pregnancy. I get them this time at 5 weeks! This is apparently going to be a whole new experience of pregnancy. Today it started innocently enough. Hannah and I were having pb&j for lunch and we were eating chips and salsa. Suddenly it hit me.... wouldn't it be good together. So I tried it! It was pretty good. I did have some sickness a few hours later. Not sure if it is morning sickness or the yucks from such a combiniation. It was pretty good though think we'll have it again!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

She doesn't care that I'm sick

So it is apparent today that Hannah really doesn't care if I'm pregnant or not.... her world is going to go on and she is going to continue to test her limits. Pregnancy number 1 was great. I had morning sickness and all, but I had a wonderful husbands and parents to take care of me and make a fuss. However, now my morning sickness is simply met with a screaming and demanding toddler. So while we are just beginning our journey it is become very apparent today that this pregnancy is going to be much harder. My employer (Hannah) has very little empathy and is very demanding despite my condition! :) Playdates, walks, tea parties, and dinner must go on. Only 35 more weeks to go!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hannah's going to be a big sister!

It's official.... after 5 pregnancy tests to confirm it, we are PREGNANT! We are cautiously optimistic since we have had trouble in the past and would be grateful for your prayers as we begin this journey. It was a fitting day to find out. It was Jeff's first day of school. So it was a day of first!
Hannah is a bit confused as at one minute she says "baby" and points to my belly and at another will say "no baby...belly". Luckily she has a few months to figure it out.
Looks like the due date is April 24th, we go to the Dr. next week to have in confirmed!