Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby two kicking!

So baby #2 is doing well. I went for another ultrasound today to get a better date of when I would be due. Much like Hannah, this baby is measuring small based on my last missed period. So after 2 ultrasounds it is confirmed that the baby is doing well and growing, just about a week slower than they thought it should be. Because of that they have changed my due date until May 3rd! That's right Uncle Paul we are trying to invade your graduation! Things looks well and the dr. was pleased with the progress so far.
He has told me to stay on the metformin until the 12 week mark and that he thinks we are fine to forgo the genetic ultasound that is offered at 12 weeks. I am torn about it honestly. I would love to see the baby again. It's amazing how much it has grown in just a week and a half so I know that 4 weeks from now it will really look like a baby (and not a sea urchant.) At the same time all that it would do would be to calculate the risk of a genetic mutation and since we know we wouldn't terminate the pregnancy regardless it seems rather pointless to cause needless worry for 28 more weeks. Medically there is no benifit to myself or the baby so I'm pretty sure that we are going to stick with that decision... although I want to be selfish and see my baby. Maybe they could just do it and not tell me the results? :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time Out

So today Hannah proved to us that she understood what Time Out means. For weeks now we have been using time out, possibly even months. It seemed kind of in vain and has been more than a little frustrating. Today however, she proved that it was working. Jeff and I have been very consistent with the sequence we use with time out. We have a particular corner, behavior, and after effect.

Today she goes over to the wall socket that has the vaccuum plugged into it. She goes to touch it and then say "no no, time out" She then proceeds to put herself in the time out corner and sit there. Then she got up, said "sorry mommy" and walked over and gave me a kiss. Now you tell me she doesn't understand time out!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


It still continues to amaze me that we can see a heartbeat so early on! We went for our first ultrasound today. (I'm suppose to be 8 weeks tomorrow.) It was a little intimidating because we had to wait for almost an hour. By the time the midwife got in there Hannah was ready to go! The midwife was nice but she couldn't get a good view because my bladder was full. So she sent me to the bathroom. Then she still thought I was measuring small so she called for the dr. Hannah was scared that they were hurting me. So she laid on the table behind me and I had my head in her lap.... SO CUTE! I wish I had a camera... but who brings a camera to a vaginal ultrasound! The doctor did the ultrasound for a 3rd time and said I was only measuring 6.5 weeks. However, Hannah measured really small too so they are not concerned. I do get to have a bonus ultrasound in 2 weeks just as a precaution. Worse case scenario seems to be that they will change by due date to May 4th. Oh well.... as long as it's healthy I dont mind being pregnant a little longer (as long as the morning sickness ends earlier!)

Ultrasound pic to come... don't have a scanner. Although realistically there really isn't much to see. Just imagine a circle with a smaller blob like circle in the middle. There you go... now you've seen my baby!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dr's visit #1

We went to the dr for the first time on Thursday. It's funny that it was just a few short years ago but so much has changed already. Overall, it was basically useless as far as knowing if everything was ok. We met with the nurse and she told me that my due date is April 25th. Then I went and got the prenatal blood work done and was given all the same information that I received with Hannah and then the insurance lady told us how much our payments would be and such.
There was some new information as far as new regulations for what prenatal screenings needed to be done, and new ultrasound technology that allows them to test for genetic defects. It was fairy overwhelming and this was our second time. I can't imagine how people with there first are feeling. We go this thursday for our ultrasound. I will feel alot better after that.... I think.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pregnancy Tests are confusing

So I wasn't "feeling" pregnant today (in other words I wasn't throwing up!). So like any other woman with additional pregnancy tests just lying around I decided to take one. As soon as the pee hit the stick the first line turned dark and really thick but the second line never showed up for almost 5 minutes! I became very concerned and confused. The directions said the first line was the test line and the second line was the control line. So what in the world was going on? I called the help line and the woman laughed at me! She said that I was definitely pregnant and the problem was that I was probably too pregnant. Apparently once your hcg levels get to a certain point they can actually pull the ink from the control line to make the test line darker. So .... I am pregnant and my levels are extremely high... hopefully it's only 1!!!