Monday, March 30, 2009

Prayer Request

Went to the OB again today for the 35+ week appointment. My dizzy spells have been continuing and I've been complaining for the past month. Today, luckily or unluckily, I had one of the spells while I was at the office. They took my pressure right away and found that in a matter of 10 minutes it had dropped over 25 points and then bounced back to normal. They are hoping that by taking me off the medication it will alleviate this problem. I go back on Thursday for another check after the medication has been out of my system for a few days. Please say a prayer that this will not only solve the dizziness problem but that it will not lead to pre-eclampsia. They are somewhat worried that by taking me off this medication it will lead to that. I will have to be monitored much more carefully over the next few weeks if the medication doesn't make a reappearance.... but I hate the meds so I am SOOOOO hoping that everything goes well. I'll update you soon!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cravings come in handy for everyone!

So there are definitely some draw backs to pregnancy .... but in recent weeks my cravings have left no one unhappy. Tonight it was ice cream! I had a craving for soft serve in a cone with sprinkles. This happens to be Hannah's fav too! Daddy thinks its amusing that she loves it so much. She will only eat ice cream with sprinkles.... mind you she has to say the word sprinkles in a monster voice. So Daddy, being the good daddy that he is, drove us both to Dairy Queen for some good ol' soft serve with sprinkles. Here are a few shots of the fun.... take a good luck at Daddy... he doesn't appear to be too upset about the craving either!

PS- As you can see we were eating in the car... about half way home Hannah announced:
"Daddy, look at me! I'm a mess!" How right she was! Unfortunately she used her "tapkin" to clean herself off before I got a shot.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

2 year appointment!

Well Hannah's birthday was yesterday and we had a fantastic day! Her party was actually this past Saturday and TONS of fun. I will post more on that soon with pictures to go with it. We were lucky enough for Auntie Laura to come visit us for the weekend from Richmond and be our personal photographer. So when we get our pictures I'll post them.
Today was Hannah's 2 year appointment... man does that make her seem old. I am happy to report the following stats:

1) Weight: 20.6 lbs (.5%)
2) height: 32.75 in (23%)
3) Head: 19.5 in (85%)

Needless to say the weight is still way low .... but the doctor seemed pleased over all. He said her vocab was WAY WAY WAY above normal and that her growth while slow was linear which is all they really worry about. She got her booster shot for Hep A and didn't cry until they gave her the wrong kind of "bam bam" band-aid. (Apparently she doesn't like Snoopy... who knew?) She was off the charts in all categories except growth and gross motor... since she still can't jump with 2 feet. But everything else was closer to the 3 year old range. Apparently that jumbo head size is a result of the jumbo brains in there!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mommy's Craving

So Jeff found this for me and it is so true to me these days. I truly could stop here everyday... luckily Hannah doesn't mind it and it has a slide to boot. The only hope is that the cravings stop when Drew gets here..... otherwise they might need to have an intervention!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March Photo Fun

We took our hand at some maternity photos today with Hannah. With just under 7 weeks to go we thought it would be good timing.... needless to say our lack of photography skills made it a challenge. Guess we will be looking for someone to take them for us.... but we had a good time!

Little Birdies Soon Will Be Here

With all the talk of babies around this house it was rather fitting that we have been hosting a birds nest on our front door. For a couple of weeks now some robins have been building themselves a tidy little nest on the wreath on our door. Today when we went out to look at the nest we found 2 tiny blue eggs. Hannah loves them. Since we found them we have been out to see them about 10 times! Puddles on the other hand is none to thrilled with our "uninvited" guests. Everytime she sees there shadow through the door there is an explosion of barking. Hopefully baby birds aren't deafened by barking dogs!

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

So Jeff has now been at home for almost a whole month. Hannah actually is doing really well with it. However, today she did a little too well with it. She found one of his headsets and decided that she was going to work too. So here are a couple pictures of my little working crew. The office... the phrase is used loosely since it is in our closet... was a little more than packed for the picture .... with dog, baby, daddy, and preggo all in a tiny space. So I apologize for the sad picture effort in advance!