Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Salsa and PB&J

So is it weird to put salsa on your pb&j?
With Hannah I never had any weird food cravings.... not a 1 during the whole pregnancy. I get them this time at 5 weeks! This is apparently going to be a whole new experience of pregnancy. Today it started innocently enough. Hannah and I were having pb&j for lunch and we were eating chips and salsa. Suddenly it hit me.... wouldn't it be good together. So I tried it! It was pretty good. I did have some sickness a few hours later. Not sure if it is morning sickness or the yucks from such a combiniation. It was pretty good though think we'll have it again!


Elizabeth said...

When I was pregnant with Jeff, Hannah's dad, I wanted a hot dog all the way with a Double Cola every day for lunch. Sometimes I would eat two! Watermelon was my next favorite and since we lived four houses from the watermelon patch I was completely happy.

Nancy said...

Katie, You were the tomato baby.....and I do believe you ate a "ton" of mexican food with that why she loves refried beans?????