Friday, February 27, 2009

OB Appointment

31 weeks! Wow that seems like a really high number at this point. While I'm not ready for him to be here just yet I feel "safe" in knowing that if he were to come we would be ready. At the doctor yesterday I got an all clear! The first in MONTHS!!! My measurements had caught up to my weeks and my blood pressure was low. My only concern had been feeling lightheaded and they attributed that to me not drinking enough water... suprised anyone? I did hit a bit of a snag when I got on the scale and had lost some weight this month, but Dr. Grana was not terribly upset. She just told me not to let it happen again. I on the other hand was exstatic since at this point I have only gained 4 lbs and if you remember from the last blog about the ultrasound 2 weeks ago... Drew is weighing at least 3.5 lbs! Weight lose program!!

Please keep praying for us as we start the final leg of our journey. The nursery is done and we feel prepared for whatever timing God has in store. Please pray for Hannah though. She seems excited about her new brother... but only time will tell how she feels when he is here to stick around for good!

Prayers answered

For all those who have been praying for us this month as Jeff transitioned into his new job, many thanks! Today was officially the end of the first month and everything has fallen into place. The transition to him being at home has been amazing. I am so thankful for all the small steps that God has placed our feet firmly on during this trying and adventurous time. Looking back it is nothing other than God's grace and mercy that has allowed us to overcome the obstacles and stand through the trials that have taken place to this point. So here's to smooth sailing ahead... with a paycheck and insurance! He was paid this month for the time he worked (which we weren't sure would happen this month) and we do have insurance in place that will go into effect on March 1! What a blessing!!

This must be what it's like to be rich!

So for Valentines Day my loving husband was going to let me get a maternity massage. Unfortunately, that is when Hannah started to get sick so it became the massage that never was! However, Jeff as always came through! He knew how much my nesting had already started and wanted to make sure that I didn't over do it between being pregnant, caring for Hannah, and taking care of the house. He found me a cleaning lady named Debbie! (Oh how I love this sweet angel!)
Debbie is about the same age as my mom and has 3 kids of her own... one of which is pregnant too! She is amazing! I feel in love with her when she came to see the house and give us an estimate.

Today, was the first day that she actually came to clean... and I think that I know what it is like to be rich. My house is clean from top to bottom. My laundry is completely done and hung up too! I was able to pay my bills and have a cup of tea while Debbie pampered me and managed my incredible mess! Oh how I love this woman... have I said that yet! She arrived at 9 and didn't leave until 2! She cleaned EVERYTHING!! Now as I type this I am so thankful for her and of course my husband! What a joy to be able to relax knowing that this weekend I will not have to do anything besides enjoy my family! And the bonus is I don't have to be embarrassed by my dust bunnies if anyone stops by for a bit!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Drew Update

On Thursday I went for our growth ultrasound. I wasn't nearly as worried as I probably could or should have been... mainly since we had just had another anatomy ultrasound 2 weeks before and everything looked great. This ultrasound was by far the fastest that I have had but it was great! We got to see little Drew upclose and he was very active. He is measuring in the 57%tile. (While is 3lbs 5 oz.... as opposed to an even 3lbs.) The tech said that this would equal about a week bigger than normal! It took everything in my power not to yell "I told you so!" since the date I gave them was originally even early than this! What a relief that he isn't coming a month early! I was over joyed. The only bad news was the his head was in the 90%tile!! OUCH!

In Hannah news, she had a rough bout last week with Roseola plus the addition of her 3 eye teeth cutting through. We had fun staying at home and watching tv and being up alot of the night. Today I am happy to say that we are over that and are back to sleeping our 14 hrs a night! Mommy sure needs it. It's hard to believe how fast her birthday is approaching. We are working hard now on trying to get everything accomplished for that. I just sent out invitations! My baby is going to be 2!!

So overall the Pages are doing well....the next 2 months will be full of fun and excitement. Hannah's birthday in 3 weeks, Easter in 7, and a baby in 9! Mommy better get crackin'! Lots to do!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Changes come again

Well not long after the last post it was decided that there was no way that I could make it in Disney World. (I am so uncomfortable in the car!) Our excitement over our spontaneous vacation was short lived as I canceled Mickey. The good news of course is that Hannah is too young to really understand what she was missing out on.
I, however, am feeling much better although extremely uncomfortable. Jeff was able to spend his 2 weeks off helping out around the house. The nursery was finished when all the furniture arrived and the paint was touched up. Hannah was able to go visit relatives and overall we accomplished twice as much and spent half the money!
Jeff started his new job last Friday and so far it has been a great transition. He is enjoying the job and Hannah has been leaving him alone. Yesterday, she came down with a fever and it appears to be just a virus but we are being cautious. We had to stay inside all day today and with Daddy home we were both fearful.... but all turned out well. Tonight she still has a fever so I guess round 2 of us home all day with Daddy will be tomorrow.
Hopefully I will have more photos to come in the coming days. Sorry for the delay!