Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hannah's Big Day of Fun

Hannah had a fun filled day at home last week. We had a great time playing outside, planting flowers, and painting. Here are a couple photo's of Hannah's day. Mind you Drew's swing was in the doorway all day so that I could see and hear him as we played.

Showering in the Target Parking Lot

Ok- so I know this is out of order with the blogs that I told you to be on the lookout for but I'm tired so this is the last post of the night and since it was fresh on my memory I wanted to post about it.
Today Hannah, Drew, and I went to the park. We had a great time playing in the sand, on the swings, and on the slide. (Ok- well Hannah did... Drew just kinda slept and sat there.) At the end of the day I decided to go to Target to pick up a couple of things. I was feeling rather productive so off we went. It WAS beautiful out when we went in. Drew was in the bjorn and Hannah was holding my hand. I felt like I had it all under control and I felt rather proud of myself and my accomplishments for the day. About 5 minutes later that would all come to a screeching halt. As I was picking up my few items I suddenly heard an all too familiar noise on the roof.... you guessed it RAIN. This wasn't just any rain... this was down pour rain.
First though... we'll wait it out. So we walked around for about 20 minutes. The rain is not letting up and we are getting dangerously close to nap time for Hannah and lunch time for Drew. I decide to check out in hopes that it will stop.... no such luck. We proceed to the exit. Buckets of rain are coming down. So like any good mother, I place a burp cloth over poor Drew's head and put Hannah in the cart and make a dash for it. We were soaked! By the time I got both of them in and buckled plus all the bags ... it was a nightmare. To top it off when I got everyone in the car the sun came out... go figure. Just when I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry Hannah piped up from the back seat, "Mommy we took a shower in Target's parking lot! That was fun!" Oh boy!

Sorry no pictures of soaked Drew... he was a little disgruntle about the whole situation and refused photography by this paparazzi!

Dairy Free Decision

Please keep us in prayer... or specifically Drew and I in the next few weeks. Drew was having alot of stomach issues and what appeared to be pain so the doctor took me off of all dairy items. You'd be suprised what dairy was in!! Right now I can basically only eat meat, veggies, and fruits. There are a few processed foods that are available to me but over all there's not much. While it is doing wonders for my waistline, admittedly my attitude is not great about this forced diet. There was a glimmer of hope this week though as I found a certain type of brownies that I could eat.... needless to say the pan didn't last long!
The doctor has given us a go to try next week and see how he does if I start to add back a small amount of dairy at a time. The hope is that after the last 3 weeks of dairyless diet that his stomach has matured and that it was only a passing thing. Here's to hoping!

Pictures as Promised

We're alive

No we haven't fallen off the face of the earth.. we are still here! I know, I know there are no pictures of Drew recently up .... they are coming. So are about 10 other blog posts. I'm hoping to have some time this weekend as we will finally be home. Be on the look out for the following posts:

Drew Pictures
Dairy Free Decision
Mother's Day with 2 (and great gifts)
Disney Vacation Plans!! (YEAH!)
Hannah's Outdoor Day
Naked Baby at the Park
Showering in Target's Parking Lot

I know you can barely wait for the updates... but they will be coming and you will just have to wait. :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bad Luck in 3's!

Hopefully the old adage is true and nothing else breaks... if not I'm going to start to write a book entitled..." How to Lose Your Savings in 7 Days or Less!" This week has been a money pit! First our air conditioner goes out when the weather peaks in the 90's. Then the washing machine breaks and it is actually cheaper to replace it than repair it! Then today we sprung another leak in the roof! This time it is in our bathroom. We have yet to have roofer out since it is still raining today but hopefully it can be fixed without having to replace the entire roof! This is getting ridiculous!

On a brighter note... Drew went to the doctor yesterday and weighs a whooping 9lbs 3 ozs! He is in the 54%tile. I was so excited... the doctor looked at me a little strange, but when you are used to a baby who is in the decimal percentiles it's the small things in life. He is continuing to have stomach problems though so please pray that the remedies that the doctor suggested would work. Otherwise my diet will become very restricted and my sleep will continue to diminish! Happy Rainy Tuesday!

more pics to come soon!