Monday, September 21, 2009

So much can happen in a year!

Today as we began to pack for Disney we pulled out the pictures from last year. Hannah loves to look at pictures of herself when she was younger.
Looking back it is amazing how much things have changed. I wasn't even pregnant when we went to Disney. Drew was not a thought. Hannah was so much smaller (in ability not necessarily size). We thought she was amazing then... but now she is a little human. There was no preschool, no minivan, no Daddy working from home. We were completely happy but had no clue how much happier we would become just 3 weeks from when this picture was taken.

Man my hair was short. She was so young! (Then again so was I!) And 3 weeks later I got much older feeling when we found out I was pregnant!
Anyway, according to Hannah's pull chain... only 4 more days. We are all a bit excited. And on a bright note... we are all feeling much better!
This is another of my favorites. I'm pretty sure we will have similar pictures like this one when we return:
Except now it will be in a double stroller with 2 children passed out. We know that it will be twice the work this year with two kids, especially since one is breastfeeding and one is... well 2!
But we can't wait.... to see her face when she first sees this:
PS- We also are eating lunch here! She can't wait... in fact she has already packed her special dress to eat there!

I can't help but wonder what God has in store for this year....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

2nd Day of Preschool

Thanks for all the prayers! The teachers even complimented us on how sweet she was! HA! Guess they haven't seen her at home!
The second day of preschool was awesome! Hannah loved it! In fact not only did she not cry but she told me I wasn't allowed to stay! Here is our picture before she left!

Going for a walk in our side by side!

So we now can give a stroller factory a run for it's money. We have 4 sitting in our garage ... and I must confess if I could find a good deal on a sit and stand I might be forced to buy one! Here are some pictures of when we took the side by side out for the first time. Both kids loved it! Thanks to my friend Carrie for finding this one on Schnoop for us! We got it for a great price!

Food Time!

As promised here are some pictures of the big man eating for the first time. He has become quite proficient I must add. Now he is eating cereal twice a day plus a fruit and a vegetable! He now has had apples, bananas, greenbeans, and sweet potatoes. I've started to make babyfood for him because he is going to make us broke. I'm pretty sure that some days he is eating more than Hannah is!

PS- We found some video from right after Drew was born. If I can figure out how to upload them I will. It's amazing how little he was and how much Hannah has grown too!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Thank you to everyone for all the prayers. Hannah had a great day at preschool. When we arrived we were able to park next to her bestest Molly. She and Molly held hands walking into the building. (I wish I thought to take pictures..) It was adorable. They walked into the building where Hannah promptly sat in the doorway and refused to enter. I picked her up by one arm and moved her into the room. She said she was tired and wanted to go home. She quickly got over it though and started to play with a doll house while I talked to other parents. I filled out her sheet and gave her a kiss goodbye. Then the tears began. I stood outside the door for about 5 minutes and listened to her cry.... and low and behold eventually she stopped! When I went to pick her up she was so excited! She told me about how they sang, danced, painted, and played with playdough! It was a great day and she can't wait to go back!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Prayer Request

Tomorrow is the first day of preschool. Please keep us in prayer tomorrow as I leave my baby for the first time for 3 whole hours! (I know ... first time mom thing I guess!) The school is awesome and we are excited but Friday things did not go smoothly at meet the teacher. Hannah had not slept that night or had a nap the day before.... so we are hoping after some good rest this weekend things will end differently tomorrow. But of course your prayers can only help!!

Good luck to all the others who start school tomorrow too! Pictures to follow!

Hannah, Let's Praise Jesus? "no"

Hannah has a cd of Christan songs that was given to her for her birthday. The beginning of one song talks about what "praising Jesus" means. It's a simple explanation and makes it easy for kids to understand. Afterward it says, "Hannah, let's praise Jesus for making you and me. Will you praise Jesus with me?" Hannah's response... "NO" and she proceeded to cover her ears. YIKES!

At first I was disgusted with her reaction... how could she say that? Then I realized all too well that her heart and mine were so similar. Although I don't blatenly say "no" and cover my ears at the request... there are many times in which I do the same thing inside. I know that I should be praising. I know that I should be worshipping. Yet, my heart is far from there. I go through the motions of worship and praise yet I am far from where my heart should be. My heart is full of duty and not delight. Like my daughter my sin is clearly defined the only difference is she doesn't understand "duty" she simply is not in a place to "delight" due to her sin.

My prayer today for both her and I, and all Christians is the God truly would bring us back to worship. That we would never say "no" to a request to praise Jesus. That as believers we would go through the motions, if that is what it takes, until God would change our hearts and lead us to the place that we need to be. That those motions would eventually show us our sinful nature and drive us to our knees in repentance. That our duty would remind us what it means to delight. That our children would continue to grow in understanding of God and his desires for our lives and continue to show us through their lives his desires for ours.