Monday, April 20, 2009

The details....

So alot of you have asked for the details of the birth... well not the graphic ones but the details non the less. So here is the abridged version....

On Wed. night Jeff went to the college to teach as usual. I was feeling pretty lousy to say the least. I had been having contractions on and off for about 2 weeks at this point but nothing was stable or consistent or even really slightly painful. This night I actually was feeling pretty comfortable.... but I had a terrible headache and was exhausted. I decided to take some tylenol and go to bed. Jeff luckily was smart enough to go to bed earlier than normal after he returned from the college as well.

At 2:15 I woke up suddenly and was confused because I thought I had wet the bed! I was frustrated that I was woken up by such a shock but realized when I stood up it was much more than that. I was able to run into the bathroom and stand in the tub as my water officially broke..... this was new to us since my water never broke with Hannah. We called the ob and they told us to come in. I was none to pleased since I wasn't having contractions and was pretty sure that it was going to be awhile. We called Uncle Paul to come and stay with Hannah and made it into the hospital by about 4am. When I got there I still was having no contractions and was only 1 cm!! Whoopie!! I knew then we were in for the long haul. They started the iv and told us that if contractions didn't start by 8 they would induce. Jeff and I decided to try to get some rest and sleep for a couple hours when my blood pressure suddenly plummetted to 50/32.... It took everyone by suprise and took quite sometime for it to come back up.

At 8 there was no change so they started potocin... which frankly must have been created by the devil himself! It was HORRIBLE! By 11 I did agree to an epidural and life was MUCH better. At 4:30 they checked and I was about 9cm and I sent Jeff to find the midwife at about 4:40 because I thought I needed to push. She came in rather quickly since my history with Hannah was for babies to fly out... I started pushing about 4:43 and Drew was born at 4:48!

So that's the whole story... we were able to come home Friday evening after Drew put in his 24hr mandatory stay at the hospital. We go to the peds tomorrow to have him all checked out. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Better late than never...

So, Jeff got caught up in all of the fun of childbirth and forgot about the blog. Andrew Neill is now with us and he is doing very well. He was born at 4:48 and weighed in at 7 pounds and 15 ounces. He was a whopping 19 inches long. We are all home now and baby Drew is eating happily. Thanks to all of our friends and family for all of the thoughts and prayers. We'll have some pictures to share soon!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

1:00...4 cm and holding.

Good news. Epidural = awesomeness. Dialated to 4 cm, but not moving very much from there. Sensors are having a difficult time picking up the contractions, so there is some concern there. Nurse says that the doctor is on the way over to get things moving in the right direction. Keep thinking about us. More news in a bit.

7:30...and no changes

Katie is resting comfortably...finally. We had a little scare with her blood pressure earlier, but she is doing much better now. We took a few laps around the pavilion (that word makes me think of the beach...) and she has had a few contractions, but nothing major. Baby Drew seems to be hanging in there. Things are moving slow, but I think pitocin is coming soon.

So, That's What It's Like When Your Water Breaks

2:30 am...Water broke. Time to go to the hospital. Jeff will be giving updates via our blog when he can. Say a few prayers. Drew is on the way.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Belly Shots

Yesterday my friends gave me an awesome shower to celebrate Drew's impending arrival. It was fantastic. The decorations, food, and fellowship were terrific. I couldn't have asked for a better group of woman and babies to share this experience with. One of the mom's who hosted the event is also a photographer. She took some pictures of Hannah with my belly. They turned out awesome... especially since I'm not so thrilled with my shape and Hannah was crying through the whole thing! You would never be able to guess how unhappy the experience was based on the photos! Enjoy!

Dr. appointment tomorrow... hopefully there will be some progress!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Family Photo's Pre Drew

So we felt like we needed to get some family photo's done before Drew got here. We know of course that once he arrives we will be once again inundated with photos of everyone and tons of him and Hannah. Although we currently have 1 family photo from Christmas and it just wasn't cutting it. So we did it... we got them done... despite the fact that we will be spending tons of money in just a few weeks for photo's with Drew. Oh well... enjoy!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Prayers Answered

So I went back to the OB on Friday and they were very pleased! So am I! My blood pressure is actually lower off the medication than it was on it! (112/70) I am soooo happy. They of course say they will be having to watch me very carefully over the next few weeks but I was supposed to go every week at this point anyway. I was able to throw away the medication!
I am a little frustrated by the whole situation since I have been complaining for months and when they initially put me on the medication I though that there had been a mistake by the nurse taking the pressure as well as the fact that they seemed so hasty in medicating me. Alas, that time has passed and I am trying to move on. So that is it for my moaning and groaning about it... but I still don't like the thought of it!!
Anyway, I feel great! I never thought that at 36 weeks I would be able to say that but after the last 20 weeks of being unnecessarily medicated I feel terrific. I have energy back. I haven't had a dizzy spell in days. I am hungry again and actually starting to put on some weight. Life is good and so is baby.

Today, with all that energy I actually started the nesting process. Hannah has all of her clothes laid out for while I'm in the hospital. Drew's clothes are all washed as is his boppy and carseat. I also was able to purchase a nightgown for the hospital and some nursing bras as well as was gifted an outfit for Easter by Jeff's mom! It was a great day! Now don't get me wrong... I'm ready for the baby to come but I feel at peace with waiting a couple weeks since I no longer feel like I've been hit by a truck! Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous so it might be another picture day for the Page family. We'll see and will post!