Thursday, January 29, 2009

News at Last!!

It is official... Jeff has a new job. As we have been reminding ourselves for months now Gods timing is perfect in all things. Despite our frustration with how slow the process has been for the job to come about as usual the timing couldn't be better. Jeff got the call this morning with the perfect salary, the only hitch was insurance which of course considering my current condition was extremely important. As it turns out he had to work 1 day in Feb to keep his insurance for the entire month at Wake County, and had to work 1 day in Feb to start insurance at DPI.
The next big hurdle was figuring out when he would be released from Wake County. We were unsure if he would have to work his full 30 days.
Praise God it all worked out within a couple hours. Mr. Nelson was nice enough to release Jeff in 2 days!! That's right his last day is Monday... and low and behold that is Feb 2... so he fulfills his working 1 day in Feb. The DPI also called saying his official start date would be Feb13. Thus fulfilling the second part of the insurance plan.
So in summary Jeff has 2 days left at the high school and then will start his "dream job" on the 13th. So what are we doing for the weeks in between... going on vacation of course!

We had planned on the beach but there are no warm beaches on the east coast this coming week... so instead... we will be going back to DISNEY!! Hannah is thrilled as am I. It will definitely be different with cooler weather, smaller crowds, and a larger belly... but we cant wait. 5 days and counting!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Doctor's appointment

Yesterday I went to the ob for our monthly check up.... low and behold... another "issue". The baby is continuing to do great.... maybe a little too great. When we were there last month they told us that the baby was measuring about 2 weeks big. This didn't seem to be an issue to me since they had changed my due date by 2 weeks. At the time I felt like telling them a big "I told you so!" but luckily had refrained. Yesterday I saw a new midwife. She isn't really new; I saw her when I was pregnant with Hannah, but it was the first time with Drew. She said I was measuring a full MONTH bigger. This of course has led to some concern. She said it could be a number of things:
1. A different person doing the measuring
2. Gestational diabetes... we are currently waiting on the test... although unlikely since I have only gained 5lbs total.
3. The due date is off and it is a big baby on top of that
4. Not really sure possibly medication

Anyway, after all was said and done I have 2 ultrasounds scheduled in the next month to look at the growth of Drew. He is moving around great and may just be "baked" faster than we expected. I now will be going to the dr almost everyweek...sans one week in February. Needless to say it is a little overwhelming.
God's timing is perfect though. Jeff continues to remind me of that. I guess it just means that I need to get on the ball. It's amusing to me that we were and still all always worried that Hannah is too small and now we are going to have the opposit problem with Drew. Hey, maybe number 3 will be just right!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It's amazing how weather in NC goes. Just Sunday night they were saying that we wouldn't see any snow from this storm... much less the significant amount that has already fallen and continues to call. We woke up this morning to about 4 inches and I would say now we are closer to 6. Jeff of course was off of work as a result and Hannah got to experience her first real snow!!
Luckily yesterday we were smart enough to go buy a snowsuit, which may never be worn again unless Drew looks good in purple, but she looked adorable!!

Hannah woke up about 9 and when we opened our windows like we always do she yelled.. "It's snowing!" It was like she knew she was supposed to be excited. She was clamoring at the door and by 9:15 we were all bundled and ready to go. She played for about 30 minutes before I made her come inside. She loved it! She threw a snowball at Daddy, made a snow angel, and rolled around in the fun white stuff. When we came in we made cinnamon rolls and laid around watching the inauguration. For lunch of course we had to have the perfect snow day meal.... soup and grilled cheese. Right now she is napping with the promise of more time to play in the snow when she wakes up.

Here are some pictures of our big adventure. The video is still to come... but I'm not sure how to embed it so I have to wait for Jeff. More pics will come after our afternoon adventure I am sure!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Holding Pattern

Thanks to everyone for the prayers about Jeff's job. We are currently in a holding pattern. We know a little more than we knew last time I posted but not a whole lot. We are once again hoping that this will be the week. The school where Jeff is at currently is potentially willing to release him prior to his 30 days if he does find out.... but time is running short. We need to know soon. If he isn't released it will be ok. He will work out his 30 days but it will just make life a little more difficult for everyone. So once again I am soliciting your prayers this week as we once again wait for the impending phone call. We know that God's timing is perfect but it would be nice to know something soon and would be a great birthday gift for Jeff.

Also, be praying that the insurance switch would be smooth when/if this job ever does come about. We are a little nervous about any lag time between the switches due to the pregnancy, especially since temporary insurance normally does not cover pregnancies. It shouldn't effect us since it would be a switch from one state job to another.... but you never know.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

One of life's little secrets

Today Hannah figured out one of life's little secrets..... dunking cookies in milk! We have been working on drinking out of a big girl cup when we are at the table. Tonight after dinner I gave her a cookie that she and her daddy had made earlier. After eating a couple bites of her cookie and drinking her milk so carefully and proudly from her big girl cup she said "dip it?". She hadn't seen Jeff or I do this before simply because we were being careful as to not introduce her to concept. But after she asked we told her it was ok. The joy on this child's face was amazing. I wish the camera was around. Tonight before bed she was still talking about dipping her cookie. I guess she really is growing up... she's figured out why God made milk.... for dipping Chocolate Chip Cookies of course!

PS- She will also tell you this week "God made me special!"

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Complete... almost

With Christmas over and New Years gone Jeff's Christmas break is drawing to a close. As always despite his tiredness he surprises me with his craftsmanship. While Hannah and I were out today he and one of his buddies completed Drew's nursery. The chair rail is up and it is painted to match the bedding. Now we just need furniture..... Here is a photo of his handywork!