Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pregnancy Tests are confusing

So I wasn't "feeling" pregnant today (in other words I wasn't throwing up!). So like any other woman with additional pregnancy tests just lying around I decided to take one. As soon as the pee hit the stick the first line turned dark and really thick but the second line never showed up for almost 5 minutes! I became very concerned and confused. The directions said the first line was the test line and the second line was the control line. So what in the world was going on? I called the help line and the woman laughed at me! She said that I was definitely pregnant and the problem was that I was probably too pregnant. Apparently once your hcg levels get to a certain point they can actually pull the ink from the control line to make the test line darker. So .... I am pregnant and my levels are extremely high... hopefully it's only 1!!!

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