Sunday, October 5, 2008

What a month!

So it has been a while since I posted. Hannah has been the topic of the last month. In addition to all her normal action she had her 18 month dr's appointment. At the appointment she weighed only 18lb! She was growing length wise and her head was growing but both the dr and I wanted to make sure that everything was going well on the inside and that there wasn't something keeping her from gaining weight. So poor Hannah had 3 adult size viles of blood drawn. It was a horrible experience. Both Mommy and Hannah cried through the whole thing!
The doctor was looking at everything from kidney problems, to liver, to Celiac Disease, he even used the word cancer! Needless to say it was a long wait to get an answer. When we finally heard back 4 days later it turned out everything was fine... .except she was anemic! (Nothing to do with her weight issue at all..... apparently she just has a good metabolism.) So the dr put her on an iron supplement and this is where the story gets fun!
So Hannah takes iron for 2 days and I notice she has the diarhea. I called the pharmacist and he says it should stop in another day or so. On day 5 it is terrible. Her bum is almost purple from it and it is pouring out of her and black. I called the dr. He said to take her diaper off and let her go free and stop the iron. Ok- now is it just me or is the fact that baby that has black diarhea pouring our of her without a diaper on a bad idea!?! To top it off we had just gotten new carpet 2 days before.
So picture this... my entire linen closet has been laid out on the ground in the family room. All other rooms are barracked and Hannah is stark naked running around the house with black water pouring out of her tail! It was horrible. A week later she has final gotten better and the diaper is back on. So much for the iron...we are now trying a better diet and some vitamins..... a better option that we should have started with.
Needless to say, with all this going on I haven't had time to post much... in fact I haven't even had time to remember I'm pregnant! I have forgotten at least twice in the last week..... although I guess that is a testament that my morning sickness is getting better!

So here are some pics of what the tiny tot looks like today.... clothing included!!

We are going to the pumpkin patch on Tuesday so hopefully we will have some more good pictures to come. My little bumblebee is having a great time pretending and getting ready for Halloween. She refuses to say trick or treat. She will only say TREAT.... although I can't blame her!


Sarah said...

What great pics of Hannah! She's so beautiful, Katie! :) Glad that she's feeling better... what an ordeal!

Elizabeth said...

The pictures of Hannah are wonderful! In her bee costume, she reminds me of her dad. He never did want anything on his head either!!