Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby two kicking!

So baby #2 is doing well. I went for another ultrasound today to get a better date of when I would be due. Much like Hannah, this baby is measuring small based on my last missed period. So after 2 ultrasounds it is confirmed that the baby is doing well and growing, just about a week slower than they thought it should be. Because of that they have changed my due date until May 3rd! That's right Uncle Paul we are trying to invade your graduation! Things looks well and the dr. was pleased with the progress so far.
He has told me to stay on the metformin until the 12 week mark and that he thinks we are fine to forgo the genetic ultasound that is offered at 12 weeks. I am torn about it honestly. I would love to see the baby again. It's amazing how much it has grown in just a week and a half so I know that 4 weeks from now it will really look like a baby (and not a sea urchant.) At the same time all that it would do would be to calculate the risk of a genetic mutation and since we know we wouldn't terminate the pregnancy regardless it seems rather pointless to cause needless worry for 28 more weeks. Medically there is no benifit to myself or the baby so I'm pretty sure that we are going to stick with that decision... although I want to be selfish and see my baby. Maybe they could just do it and not tell me the results? :)

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