Saturday, April 4, 2009

Prayers Answered

So I went back to the OB on Friday and they were very pleased! So am I! My blood pressure is actually lower off the medication than it was on it! (112/70) I am soooo happy. They of course say they will be having to watch me very carefully over the next few weeks but I was supposed to go every week at this point anyway. I was able to throw away the medication!
I am a little frustrated by the whole situation since I have been complaining for months and when they initially put me on the medication I though that there had been a mistake by the nurse taking the pressure as well as the fact that they seemed so hasty in medicating me. Alas, that time has passed and I am trying to move on. So that is it for my moaning and groaning about it... but I still don't like the thought of it!!
Anyway, I feel great! I never thought that at 36 weeks I would be able to say that but after the last 20 weeks of being unnecessarily medicated I feel terrific. I have energy back. I haven't had a dizzy spell in days. I am hungry again and actually starting to put on some weight. Life is good and so is baby.

Today, with all that energy I actually started the nesting process. Hannah has all of her clothes laid out for while I'm in the hospital. Drew's clothes are all washed as is his boppy and carseat. I also was able to purchase a nightgown for the hospital and some nursing bras as well as was gifted an outfit for Easter by Jeff's mom! It was a great day! Now don't get me wrong... I'm ready for the baby to come but I feel at peace with waiting a couple weeks since I no longer feel like I've been hit by a truck! Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous so it might be another picture day for the Page family. We'll see and will post!

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