Monday, September 21, 2009

So much can happen in a year!

Today as we began to pack for Disney we pulled out the pictures from last year. Hannah loves to look at pictures of herself when she was younger.
Looking back it is amazing how much things have changed. I wasn't even pregnant when we went to Disney. Drew was not a thought. Hannah was so much smaller (in ability not necessarily size). We thought she was amazing then... but now she is a little human. There was no preschool, no minivan, no Daddy working from home. We were completely happy but had no clue how much happier we would become just 3 weeks from when this picture was taken.

Man my hair was short. She was so young! (Then again so was I!) And 3 weeks later I got much older feeling when we found out I was pregnant!
Anyway, according to Hannah's pull chain... only 4 more days. We are all a bit excited. And on a bright note... we are all feeling much better!
This is another of my favorites. I'm pretty sure we will have similar pictures like this one when we return:
Except now it will be in a double stroller with 2 children passed out. We know that it will be twice the work this year with two kids, especially since one is breastfeeding and one is... well 2!
But we can't wait.... to see her face when she first sees this:
PS- We also are eating lunch here! She can't wait... in fact she has already packed her special dress to eat there!

I can't help but wonder what God has in store for this year....

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