Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas in November

At the end of last week my grandmother took a pretty bad fall and ended up in the hospital. While we were all trying to figure out how bad it was and if we needed to go up to Pennsylvania to interveen we went to Greensboro to have a family meeting of sorts. When we got there Hannah realized that Christmas had come early! Obviously in our bid to get out of the house as quickly as possibly I forgot to pack of all things TOYS! Well there was no need to worry.
Da (grandpa) had bought her an amazing toy... it is a powerwheels (sort of). The problem with powerwheels of course is that she is still too young and way to short. However, I don't know where he found it but this one has a remote control feature so that we can drive her around! It is adorable and she loves it! It plays European techno music, has a horn, and turn signal. It also has a place to hook up your ipod!!!! It's a little red roadster with a roll bar and everything. Pictures to come as soon as I can get them uploaded. Needless to say she had a blast!! Merry Christmas Hannah! I guess you will be celebrating for over a month!

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