Thursday, November 6, 2008


So as if the maternity clothes and the tummy were not clue enough.... the heartburn has begun and it is official that I am preggo! I normally am not a heartburn type of person. However, when I am pregnant, it is terrible! Pepcid is my bestfriend and I take it almost daily. It is the only thing that helps. I've tried to change my diet but that doesn't seem to matter. Even water can give me heartburn.
I am officially 15weeks pregnant at this point. I go to the dr again next Tuesday so I will update you after that. This appointment should be pretty typical: bloodpressure, pee in a cup, weight, and heartbeat. Hopefully, we will have more luck with the heartbeat this time! The next appointment in Dec. should be when we have the ultrasound and find out the sex.
So for now my heartburn, maternity clothes, and expanding waist line are the only things that continue to remind me that I am pregnant. Hannah keeps me so busy that I often forget. I am begining to feel some fluttering but they are not regular yet .... although they should be in the next couple of weeks!

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