Monday, February 16, 2009

Changes come again

Well not long after the last post it was decided that there was no way that I could make it in Disney World. (I am so uncomfortable in the car!) Our excitement over our spontaneous vacation was short lived as I canceled Mickey. The good news of course is that Hannah is too young to really understand what she was missing out on.
I, however, am feeling much better although extremely uncomfortable. Jeff was able to spend his 2 weeks off helping out around the house. The nursery was finished when all the furniture arrived and the paint was touched up. Hannah was able to go visit relatives and overall we accomplished twice as much and spent half the money!
Jeff started his new job last Friday and so far it has been a great transition. He is enjoying the job and Hannah has been leaving him alone. Yesterday, she came down with a fever and it appears to be just a virus but we are being cautious. We had to stay inside all day today and with Daddy home we were both fearful.... but all turned out well. Tonight she still has a fever so I guess round 2 of us home all day with Daddy will be tomorrow.
Hopefully I will have more photos to come in the coming days. Sorry for the delay!

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