Sunday, February 22, 2009

Drew Update

On Thursday I went for our growth ultrasound. I wasn't nearly as worried as I probably could or should have been... mainly since we had just had another anatomy ultrasound 2 weeks before and everything looked great. This ultrasound was by far the fastest that I have had but it was great! We got to see little Drew upclose and he was very active. He is measuring in the 57%tile. (While is 3lbs 5 oz.... as opposed to an even 3lbs.) The tech said that this would equal about a week bigger than normal! It took everything in my power not to yell "I told you so!" since the date I gave them was originally even early than this! What a relief that he isn't coming a month early! I was over joyed. The only bad news was the his head was in the 90%tile!! OUCH!

In Hannah news, she had a rough bout last week with Roseola plus the addition of her 3 eye teeth cutting through. We had fun staying at home and watching tv and being up alot of the night. Today I am happy to say that we are over that and are back to sleeping our 14 hrs a night! Mommy sure needs it. It's hard to believe how fast her birthday is approaching. We are working hard now on trying to get everything accomplished for that. I just sent out invitations! My baby is going to be 2!!

So overall the Pages are doing well....the next 2 months will be full of fun and excitement. Hannah's birthday in 3 weeks, Easter in 7, and a baby in 9! Mommy better get crackin'! Lots to do!!

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