Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cravings come in handy for everyone!

So there are definitely some draw backs to pregnancy .... but in recent weeks my cravings have left no one unhappy. Tonight it was ice cream! I had a craving for soft serve in a cone with sprinkles. This happens to be Hannah's fav too! Daddy thinks its amusing that she loves it so much. She will only eat ice cream with sprinkles.... mind you she has to say the word sprinkles in a monster voice. So Daddy, being the good daddy that he is, drove us both to Dairy Queen for some good ol' soft serve with sprinkles. Here are a few shots of the fun.... take a good luck at Daddy... he doesn't appear to be too upset about the craving either!

PS- As you can see we were eating in the car... about half way home Hannah announced:
"Daddy, look at me! I'm a mess!" How right she was! Unfortunately she used her "tapkin" to clean herself off before I got a shot.

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