Monday, March 30, 2009

Prayer Request

Went to the OB again today for the 35+ week appointment. My dizzy spells have been continuing and I've been complaining for the past month. Today, luckily or unluckily, I had one of the spells while I was at the office. They took my pressure right away and found that in a matter of 10 minutes it had dropped over 25 points and then bounced back to normal. They are hoping that by taking me off the medication it will alleviate this problem. I go back on Thursday for another check after the medication has been out of my system for a few days. Please say a prayer that this will not only solve the dizziness problem but that it will not lead to pre-eclampsia. They are somewhat worried that by taking me off this medication it will lead to that. I will have to be monitored much more carefully over the next few weeks if the medication doesn't make a reappearance.... but I hate the meds so I am SOOOOO hoping that everything goes well. I'll update you soon!

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