Thursday, March 19, 2009

2 year appointment!

Well Hannah's birthday was yesterday and we had a fantastic day! Her party was actually this past Saturday and TONS of fun. I will post more on that soon with pictures to go with it. We were lucky enough for Auntie Laura to come visit us for the weekend from Richmond and be our personal photographer. So when we get our pictures I'll post them.
Today was Hannah's 2 year appointment... man does that make her seem old. I am happy to report the following stats:

1) Weight: 20.6 lbs (.5%)
2) height: 32.75 in (23%)
3) Head: 19.5 in (85%)

Needless to say the weight is still way low .... but the doctor seemed pleased over all. He said her vocab was WAY WAY WAY above normal and that her growth while slow was linear which is all they really worry about. She got her booster shot for Hep A and didn't cry until they gave her the wrong kind of "bam bam" band-aid. (Apparently she doesn't like Snoopy... who knew?) She was off the charts in all categories except growth and gross motor... since she still can't jump with 2 feet. But everything else was closer to the 3 year old range. Apparently that jumbo head size is a result of the jumbo brains in there!

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