Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dairy Free Decision

Please keep us in prayer... or specifically Drew and I in the next few weeks. Drew was having alot of stomach issues and what appeared to be pain so the doctor took me off of all dairy items. You'd be suprised what dairy was in!! Right now I can basically only eat meat, veggies, and fruits. There are a few processed foods that are available to me but over all there's not much. While it is doing wonders for my waistline, admittedly my attitude is not great about this forced diet. There was a glimmer of hope this week though as I found a certain type of brownies that I could eat.... needless to say the pan didn't last long!
The doctor has given us a go to try next week and see how he does if I start to add back a small amount of dairy at a time. The hope is that after the last 3 weeks of dairyless diet that his stomach has matured and that it was only a passing thing. Here's to hoping!

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