Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bad Luck in 3's!

Hopefully the old adage is true and nothing else breaks... if not I'm going to start to write a book entitled..." How to Lose Your Savings in 7 Days or Less!" This week has been a money pit! First our air conditioner goes out when the weather peaks in the 90's. Then the washing machine breaks and it is actually cheaper to replace it than repair it! Then today we sprung another leak in the roof! This time it is in our bathroom. We have yet to have roofer out since it is still raining today but hopefully it can be fixed without having to replace the entire roof! This is getting ridiculous!

On a brighter note... Drew went to the doctor yesterday and weighs a whooping 9lbs 3 ozs! He is in the 54%tile. I was so excited... the doctor looked at me a little strange, but when you are used to a baby who is in the decimal percentiles it's the small things in life. He is continuing to have stomach problems though so please pray that the remedies that the doctor suggested would work. Otherwise my diet will become very restricted and my sleep will continue to diminish! Happy Rainy Tuesday!

more pics to come soon!

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Elizabeth said...

Things will get better and I am planning to come another day very soon and play with Hannah ALL day so that you can rest!