Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 3- Sunday

So after 2 days of no naps and a terribly LONG drive and early start we decided that we needed a break. We didn't go into the park but rather enjoyed a peaceful day of just hanging out. We went to the grocery store in the morning and then went to the Ohana for breakfast with Lilo, Stitch, Mickey, and Pluto!
Breakfast was delicious and our little princess got to lead the parade around the restaurant while holding Mickey's hand! She was beaming... it was like the best present ever. I wasn't sure she was going to let go of his hand when it was over!
Here they are waiting for our table at the Ohana.

Hannah wasn't so sure about Stitch since she hadn't ever seen him before.
Pluto was a different story. She loved him!! She asked if she could pet him... but he petted her instead!
I was supposed to be nursing Drew... but Lilo decided to uncover him.... thank goodness I hadn't started yet. Lilo didn't actually eat him... it just looked like it. Drew rather enjoyed his time with Lilo.
Here's Hannah when Mickey asked her to join him in the parade!

After breakfast we went back to the hotel to swim and have "lunch" which consisted of chex mix and peanutbutter crackers. NICE! Hannah though it was the best day ever. When then convinced her to take a nap... which ended up being 3 hours long!!! WOW!!
We managed to get up in time to go to dinner at Boma! It was an African feast that was delicious. (Minus me choking on steak and almost needing the hymlick!) We then looked at all the animals and played the drums at the Animal Kingdom lodge and went home to go to bed early. Nice relaxing day....Disney at it's finest! (The Animal Kingdom Lodge was my favorite... but it was a little too far from the Magic Kingdom... otherwise it would be my first choice of hotels. Awesome theming and the kids were amazed!)
The outside of the AKL.
The lobby.
Zebra Domes... the best thing on the buffet!

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