Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fair Fun

Last week the state fair was held in Raleigh. Jeff and I have gone to the fair every year since we were married. This year I was being a party pooper and felt that it was too much trouble and money with 2 small children. Jeff however was insistent. He took half a day on Friday and we went to the fair. Here are some pictures of our adventure:
Hannah and Daddy on the pony. His name was Ike and Hannah kept calling him Joke.

The dizzy dinosaur ride. Hannah was too short for most rides since she still isn't 36". Oh well, maybe next year!

Eating roasted corn... by far the best food that we got.... it all smelled alot better than it tasted.

Mommy and her boy... yes Drew came too.... there just wasn't as much to photograph of him!

It definately was an expensive day. It cost $10 just to park and $14 total to get in... so before we ate or rode any rides we were already at $24! Anyway, we saw the animals, rode some rides, ate some fair food, and spent the day as a family! The last part of that statement is invaluable.... and dispite my gripes about money I would do it again in a heart beat if it meant another day of Daddy, the kids, and me! Hope you enjoy the pics!!

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