Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dougnuts for Dad's

Today at preschool was dougnuts for Dad's. Hannah was so excited for Jeff to go with her to school. She told me I wasn't allowed to come. I was to stay home with Drew and she would go and eat dougnuts. "Like a date" was what she said! So cute!
Anyway, it was also picture day at school. As the dad's pointed out, who came up with the grand idea of mixing dads, dougnuts, dress clothes, and pictures! It was a disaster waiting to happen. Luckily the Lord was smiling on us and both Hannah and Daddy remained powder sugar free for the pictures. Hannah's bow didn't make it and Daddy doesn't do hair.... but he did convince me that she looked good and he combed it??? We'll see ;) I'll post it when the pictures come out. The took individual photos, Daddy and kiddo photos, and a class photo. They were outside shots too so I hope they turn out! Here are some before they left... can you tell she was excited?

Posing with her boots! She loves them and rarely gets to wear them!

Loving the camera! This age is great for picture taking all of a sudden.

Can't control the giggles and excitement!

The duo before they left for their "date"! My favorite picture!!!

And what did Drew and I do all morning..... what else.... we rolled around on the floor! Fun times!

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