Saturday, November 28, 2009

Long over due

This month has gone by so quickly.... it seems like only yesterday that I posted the last time. I had great intentions of adding Halloween pictures and some of our other festive fun but on the 6th we received some sad news. My grandmother, who I talked with daily, and who lived with my parents for 6+ months of the year, died suddenly in her sleep. It was very unexpected. We packed the car that day and had a whirlwind trip 10 + hours to PA for the funeral and other arrangements to get my grandfather down here. Needless to say, when we returned I was not in the mood to write right away.
It was a long and emotional week in PA and before I new it it was Thanksgiving. So here we sit.... I never finished my Disney posts, I haven't added my Halloween pictures, and I have Hannah's Thanksgiving feast at school to post too.... but all of that is on the camera and I have yet to download it. But I have some free time tonight and thought I would post.... so though it will be out of order you are somewhat caught up on our life and craziness. Hopefully I will get caught up with week on posts... although with Christmas on the horizon I can't guarantee anything!

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