Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

I know, I know before you even tell me.... I skipped over Christmas. To be honest this year may have been the year to do just that. I have NO pictures, sans the ones that were set up after Christmas. Poor Drew! First Christmas and no real pictures. Tis the story of the second child I guess. But this time I actually had a good excuse. The kids were oober sick on Christmas. We had been to the doctor 3 times in one week and both kids were on antibiotics and running fevers of 104+ for 5 full days each. The night before Christmas Eve we were debating taking Hannah to the hospital. Thankfully it has all now passed. Just a small lingering cough to remind us of the fun.
Anyway, what now we are focusing on the New Year and what that will look like as a family of 4. The past year held so many changes for our family. It seems like WAY longer than a year. Jeff started a new job, Drew was born, Hannah started preschool, I stepped down as the organizer of our moms group, I made some GREAT friends, my grandmother passed, and Jeff's grandmother was moved to hospice, my brother FINAL got a job (love ya!), and we found a church home! What an amazing year!
This year I am hoping that we will continue to grow and change. I am praying for the valleys that will inevitably come and living in anticipation of the peaks that are sure to astound us. I can't wait to see how Hannah and Drew continue to suprise us as they turn 3 and 1! I can't believe it but I can't wait to usher in my birthday .... 30!!! It was also pointed out to me this week that on even number years I tend to get pregnant.... and while I can't promise that I can't help but think that the past 2 even number years have been amazing! So come 2010.... bring it on.... I can't wait to see what you hold!

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