Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not My Child Monday

I most certainly am not the mother who is linking up to a not my child Monday on a Tuesday because I most certainly did not have time to even think yesterday.

My dear daughter would never have green paint up her nose since she decided to "scratch" it after finger painting. She also would most certainly not lie to me about said '"scratching" despite the huge green streak coming out of her nose.

My darling son would not enjoy being petted yesterday by an African American boy at the toy store. The boy thought apparently that white hair was really soft and yelled to his sister to come and "pet" my son. My son would not be the one that screamed in anger when the boy stopped petting him. And I would not be the mother who didn't know exactly what to say about the whole incident.

My daughter would not be the one who asked after church last week "does Jesus have a potty" when in fact she really meant, "does this church have a restroom?" She also would not be the one who when told that she should listen and obey if Jesus was in her heart that asked what rules he would have if he were in her belly instead.

My son would most certainly not be the 8 month old who decided to try and eat a leaf last week and got ticked off when his mommy decided that it wouldn't be a good idea. And my daughter would not be the one with a black eye in her Christmas photo's since she decided to take a swan dive out of her booster seat face first into the table.

And finally, my children would not be the ones who have fevers and coughs the week of Christmas and are messing up all my attempts to shop!! How dare they?!

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