Thursday, March 18, 2010

Birthday and Scooters

So how about some birthday cake and candles!

And her wish came true! Hannah got a 3 wheeled scooter for her birthday from Mommy and Daddy. She is in love with it! If you are looking for a present for a 3 year old I would highly suggest it!
Product Image Huffy Princess Scooter - Pink (6")

Her's of course had to be princess!

She has a tricycle but isn't quite coordinated enough to make it work for her yet. (Not to mention she is still a bit too short to reach the pedals while turning.) The scooter is totally a self-sufficient mode of transportation. Anything that she can do with supervision but without help is AMAZING in my mind! The only draw back is that the area has to be fairly flat.... although I guess that isn't any different if it is bike, scooter, skates, or anything else with wheels. I love it though because she can only go as fast as her little legs can go. It took her about 5 minutes to get the hang of the learning curve isn't that steep!

Now if we can teach her to keep looking straight ahead and not look back at me! Happy Spring!

Oh and Drew... well he took the whole cake thing very seriously... he's definitely ready for his own cake next month! (Note the scooter next to the table... she had to take it EVERYWHERE!)

(More birthday pics to come after this weekends Princess Party Palooza!)

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