Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Three years ago today our lives were all changed forever. It was the day my beautiful baby was born. She was tiny then and still is. She is the light of our lives. Hannah we love you so much! It's amazing to think that you've only been with us for 3 years. Most days it is hard to remember what life was like before you. It seems like light years ago that I had a paying job and life outside of playing and spending time with you. I wouldn't go back to those days for anything.

So what does 3 look like:

You are weighing in these days at a whooping 24lbs and are about 35 inches tall.
You love animals.
You would talk our ear off and can talk to anyone. (Although you claim to be shy.)
You love to play dress up.... and especially LOVE makeup.
You have some sweet friends that you love to play with.
You read Horton to Daddy before bed and have it memorized.
You love going to church.
You love chasing Puddles around the house.
You always want to watch one more "dv" shows before bed.
You are still taking naps (after a 2 month hiatus) and tend to sleep for about 1.5hrs.
You sleep soundly through the night and NEVER get up.
You play well by yourself and with your brother.
You are one tough cookie and boy are you stubborn.
You are one of the most caring indivuals I know.

You are SUPER excited for your birthday this year and I wish I could keep you this age forever.

We love you sweet angel....


1st Birthday

2 years old



Mama Llama said...

happy birthday sweet Hannah! helen weighs 24 lbs! She is such a porker! I love you new little blog background... are you in your new house?

Hannah's Mom said...

I wish! We are hoping to move this week.... it's a huge prayer request though!