Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grandparents and Goldfish

Grandparents are great fun. All the time.... but especially when they underestimate what their grandchildren are capable of.

Exhibit A: Granny takes the kids for donuts. Drew ends up covered in chocolate icing since he is quite a grabby little guy. Granny is amazed.... and slightly sheepish that she was caught giving Drew chocolate! HA! No wonder Drew loves her so much! (How I wish I had a picture of this!)

Exhibit B: Drew goes to Nana's house and pulls up on the coffee table.... where he finds a bag of goldfish. See the results below:

Obviously no one was watching him that closely.... or didn't realize he could open ziploc bags.....

Very proud of himself!
Deciding whether to put them back in the bag....

Or maybe just shove about 10 in his mouth at once....

"Hey Nana, can I hang out here more often.... this is good stuff!"

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