Thursday, September 11, 2008


It still continues to amaze me that we can see a heartbeat so early on! We went for our first ultrasound today. (I'm suppose to be 8 weeks tomorrow.) It was a little intimidating because we had to wait for almost an hour. By the time the midwife got in there Hannah was ready to go! The midwife was nice but she couldn't get a good view because my bladder was full. So she sent me to the bathroom. Then she still thought I was measuring small so she called for the dr. Hannah was scared that they were hurting me. So she laid on the table behind me and I had my head in her lap.... SO CUTE! I wish I had a camera... but who brings a camera to a vaginal ultrasound! The doctor did the ultrasound for a 3rd time and said I was only measuring 6.5 weeks. However, Hannah measured really small too so they are not concerned. I do get to have a bonus ultrasound in 2 weeks just as a precaution. Worse case scenario seems to be that they will change by due date to May 4th. Oh well.... as long as it's healthy I dont mind being pregnant a little longer (as long as the morning sickness ends earlier!)

Ultrasound pic to come... don't have a scanner. Although realistically there really isn't much to see. Just imagine a circle with a smaller blob like circle in the middle. There you go... now you've seen my baby!

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