Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dr's visit #1

We went to the dr for the first time on Thursday. It's funny that it was just a few short years ago but so much has changed already. Overall, it was basically useless as far as knowing if everything was ok. We met with the nurse and she told me that my due date is April 25th. Then I went and got the prenatal blood work done and was given all the same information that I received with Hannah and then the insurance lady told us how much our payments would be and such.
There was some new information as far as new regulations for what prenatal screenings needed to be done, and new ultrasound technology that allows them to test for genetic defects. It was fairy overwhelming and this was our second time. I can't imagine how people with there first are feeling. We go this thursday for our ultrasound. I will feel alot better after that.... I think.

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