Thursday, January 29, 2009

News at Last!!

It is official... Jeff has a new job. As we have been reminding ourselves for months now Gods timing is perfect in all things. Despite our frustration with how slow the process has been for the job to come about as usual the timing couldn't be better. Jeff got the call this morning with the perfect salary, the only hitch was insurance which of course considering my current condition was extremely important. As it turns out he had to work 1 day in Feb to keep his insurance for the entire month at Wake County, and had to work 1 day in Feb to start insurance at DPI.
The next big hurdle was figuring out when he would be released from Wake County. We were unsure if he would have to work his full 30 days.
Praise God it all worked out within a couple hours. Mr. Nelson was nice enough to release Jeff in 2 days!! That's right his last day is Monday... and low and behold that is Feb 2... so he fulfills his working 1 day in Feb. The DPI also called saying his official start date would be Feb13. Thus fulfilling the second part of the insurance plan.
So in summary Jeff has 2 days left at the high school and then will start his "dream job" on the 13th. So what are we doing for the weeks in between... going on vacation of course!

We had planned on the beach but there are no warm beaches on the east coast this coming week... so instead... we will be going back to DISNEY!! Hannah is thrilled as am I. It will definitely be different with cooler weather, smaller crowds, and a larger belly... but we cant wait. 5 days and counting!!!

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