Friday, June 12, 2009

Fairy Fits

So as you can see from the previous post Hannah has had a ... rough... couple of days. Yesterday our sweet friend Christine offered to take some photos of Hannah and Drew. Drew was the poster child for photos. He laid still ,didn't run away, and overall was a gem in comparision. See exhibit A and B.

There were also much fewer tears throughout his shoot. While he isn't doing much these days, (he still doesn't smile consistently) He was a joy to photograph as opposed to my darling daughter.

Hannah was not in the mood for a photo shoot. She was generally pouty and wanted nothing to do with it. Luckily, Christine had brought this adorable fairy/tutu outfit for her to try on.

As you can see she still wasn't smiling but at least we were over the mad face. That is until she decided to run away!

Oh well.... sadly the one of her leaving was my favorite of the day.... maybe it was because that was kinda of my attitude at the time too! Guess well try again soon. (Christine did an awesome job! I'll be glad to get you her info if you'd like!)

This one isn't too bad though... half a smile? Maybe that means we are half way through the twos???? I can only hope!

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