Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our New Ride

So the trailblazer is gone..... and I can't say that I am sad. It was a good car but in the past 2 years it had started to become a money pit. It seemed something was always wrong and it was never anything small. We also found that with 2 kids in the back poor Jeff couldn't put the seat back far enough to be able to drive comfortably. With all that said we went car shopping 2 weeks ago..... I was disappointed. It came to my attention rather quickly that if we planned on having any more kids, or if we planned on being comfortable in a car with the ones we had, we needed a van.


A minivan... a mommy mobile.... the death of me!


We were getting a van. Ok- so I embraced it once I drove the Odyssey.... plus Jeff let me pimp my minivan. Both of us were under the impression that a van was like it was when we were growing up... but my how things have changed. Sans a refrigerator you could really live in the van and it is SWEET inside. There is so much room, storage, it does all sorts of fancy tricks.

Sigh.... I am in love with a minivan!

We bought it .... I pimped it out.... Hannah fell in love!
We got the DVD player.
We got the nav system.
We got blue tooth.
We got the sliding doors and power gate.
We got the leather seats.

I got FREEDOM! Hannah can get herself in the seat. She is quiet as she rides watching her shows using her headsets. I can get the double stroller in and out with out killing myself.

Yes, my name is Katie Page and I drive a minivan.

This is Hannah getting in on her own... now to teach her to buckle herself in and I'm set!

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