Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Day Meals

So after a lot of thought and prayer, Jeff and I have decided that we are going to stay at home for sure this year on Christmas day. We want the kids to have a chance to wake up at their own house in their own bed and get to do some family traditions on Christmas day. We plan on opening presents, reading the Christmas story, baking Jesus a cake, and making snowman pancakes. We've decided that it will be a "screen-free" holiday. No tv, computer, ipod, or any other type of electronic device. We already have some ideas of things that we will be doing lined up but since it will just be the 4 of us we aren't exactly sure what we are going to eat..... seeing how one of us still is fairly toothless!
My mom always makes a huge NY strip roast and his family seemed to always have a roast chicken or turkey..... but what is going to be "Our" meal. Last year I didn't give it much thought and just threw something together, but this year I want it to start a tradition.....

Any ideas blog folks? What do you have for a Christmas day meal?

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Josh and Carrie Anne said...

We do a honey baked ham every Christmas!!