Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pondering Christms more

I came across this passage this week and thought it was a good fit with what I had already been thinking about. How amazing must it have been for Mary and Joseph to try to figure out how exactly to deal with this holy child. How their minds must have been swirling with confusion and trust issues. Yet with very little direction they dove in believing God's message and taking on the challenges that lie ahead. How utterly amazing that God himself would come down knowing full well what the ending of his story would be. Willing to die and deal with all the mess that is the human life.... for us!

"Mary didn't know whether to give him milk or give him praise, but she gave him both since he was, as near as she could figure, hungry and holy.

Joseph didn't know whether to call him Junior or Father. But in the end he called him Jesus, since that's what the angel had said and since he didn't have the faintest idea what to name a God he could cradle in his arms....

Don't you think...their heads tilted and their minds wondered, 'What in the world are you doing, God?' Or, better phrased, 'God, what are you doing in the world?'" --Max Lucado

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