Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It's amazing how weather in NC goes. Just Sunday night they were saying that we wouldn't see any snow from this storm... much less the significant amount that has already fallen and continues to call. We woke up this morning to about 4 inches and I would say now we are closer to 6. Jeff of course was off of work as a result and Hannah got to experience her first real snow!!
Luckily yesterday we were smart enough to go buy a snowsuit, which may never be worn again unless Drew looks good in purple, but she looked adorable!!

Hannah woke up about 9 and when we opened our windows like we always do she yelled.. "It's snowing!" It was like she knew she was supposed to be excited. She was clamoring at the door and by 9:15 we were all bundled and ready to go. She played for about 30 minutes before I made her come inside. She loved it! She threw a snowball at Daddy, made a snow angel, and rolled around in the fun white stuff. When we came in we made cinnamon rolls and laid around watching the inauguration. For lunch of course we had to have the perfect snow day meal.... soup and grilled cheese. Right now she is napping with the promise of more time to play in the snow when she wakes up.

Here are some pictures of our big adventure. The video is still to come... but I'm not sure how to embed it so I have to wait for Jeff. More pics will come after our afternoon adventure I am sure!

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Elizabeth said...

The pics are so cute! Looks like Hannah had a wonderful time.