Monday, January 12, 2009

Holding Pattern

Thanks to everyone for the prayers about Jeff's job. We are currently in a holding pattern. We know a little more than we knew last time I posted but not a whole lot. We are once again hoping that this will be the week. The school where Jeff is at currently is potentially willing to release him prior to his 30 days if he does find out.... but time is running short. We need to know soon. If he isn't released it will be ok. He will work out his 30 days but it will just make life a little more difficult for everyone. So once again I am soliciting your prayers this week as we once again wait for the impending phone call. We know that God's timing is perfect but it would be nice to know something soon and would be a great birthday gift for Jeff.

Also, be praying that the insurance switch would be smooth when/if this job ever does come about. We are a little nervous about any lag time between the switches due to the pregnancy, especially since temporary insurance normally does not cover pregnancies. It shouldn't effect us since it would be a switch from one state job to another.... but you never know.

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Elizabeth said...

As always my prayers are with you and for you. Love you all good!
Granny Bet