Sunday, January 4, 2009

One of life's little secrets

Today Hannah figured out one of life's little secrets..... dunking cookies in milk! We have been working on drinking out of a big girl cup when we are at the table. Tonight after dinner I gave her a cookie that she and her daddy had made earlier. After eating a couple bites of her cookie and drinking her milk so carefully and proudly from her big girl cup she said "dip it?". She hadn't seen Jeff or I do this before simply because we were being careful as to not introduce her to concept. But after she asked we told her it was ok. The joy on this child's face was amazing. I wish the camera was around. Tonight before bed she was still talking about dipping her cookie. I guess she really is growing up... she's figured out why God made milk.... for dipping Chocolate Chip Cookies of course!

PS- She will also tell you this week "God made me special!"

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