Saturday, August 15, 2009

MIA- The quick up to date with pics!

We've been missing lately but definitely not because we have been bored. Things around here have been exciting and full of surprises. Drew is getting bigger and bigger. Our days have been filled with trying to get on a schedule and not go crazy in the process. Although as I catch you up you will realize that it was fairly boring if you weren't living it!

The end of June Wyatt, Hannah's first boyfriend, came to visit. He and his parents moved to Florida this time last year. We have been lost without him and Jessie. They had a great time hanging out together even if it was during naptime.

Mid July Anna and Owen came out to visit us. We packed up and spent the week at Pinehurst. It was great. Jeff was super and took care of Hannah a few times so we could have just a couple of times where we were toddler free. (It's amazing how easy an infant is after you've been dealing with a 2 year old!) We went to dinner and shopping and had a great time just spending time together. Laura came down for the day with her new man and we had a great time catching up!

The end of July was set for Ms. Karen to have her baby. Molly's mommy is the best! Hannah and Molly are BFF's and Molly is going to be a great big sister as you can see from these pictures. Her brother, Ryan, was finally born August 1st! He just missed my birthday!

July marched forward and Drew took his first bottle and now August is flying by. The next month looks like it will be even more exciting. Drew is super close to rolling over and there are multiple vacations planned. Stay tuned! Here are a couple of picture of our growing babes!

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