Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sick Days

And this is the face of sick:

We joined a gym on Sat. We were going to get healthy. We worked out Monday and Tuesday (the kids went to the child care center.) Tuesday night Hannah and Drew both came down with the crude. Any guess as to where they got it? You know it! Our effort to become healthy landed us stuck inside with a house full of germs.

Hannah went to the dr... just a cold. Drew went to the dr. = ear infection. Mommy went to the dr=sinus infection. Daddy is just starting to catch it. What a mess! Needless to say we have been stuck in the house and we will not be going back to the gym!

So what do you do when you have watched every movie known to man, played with playdough until it's dryied out, colored every page in a coloring book, and painted until our skin is tainted a permenant shade of pink. Well once Mommy is feeling better you start to get creative:

Tonight we made pigs in a blanket... or as Hannah called them baby burritos!
We also made quite a mess!

Then you make smoothies together.

Then you are a "naked baby" and eat dinner on a blanket to have a "pink-nick" and watch Tinkerbell. (She does have on her panties... though in this pic she really does look like a naked baby!)

The good news is that she finally ate. After living on pediasure for a week... she finally is on solids again! Maybe we are finally turning the corner!

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