Friday, August 21, 2009

Whoa 4 months!

Yesterday we took Drew to the doctor for his 4 month appointment. It is so hard to believe that he if 4 months already! He is such a good boy. I know that Hannah was amazing as an infant too but I simply don't remember her being this easy or this much fun. Then again this time I am MUCH more relaxed.... plus compared to a 2 year old I'll take a 4 month old anyday! (I guess it's all a matter of perspective!)

Anyway, Drew lost a pound in the week that we were sick. Possibly due to my milk supply being lower because of medication or possibly because he didn't feel good because of his medication or because he didn't feel like eating because he was sick. Either way we seem to be in the clear now and he is still a very BIG boy so they aren't concerned. He didn't receive his vaccination at my request since he is just getting over all of this and was still kind of stuffy; they did say his ear was back to normal though.

His 4 month stats:

WEIGHT: 15lb 14oz (70%)
HEIGHT: 24.5 in (32%)
WEIGHT v. HEIGHT Ratio: 89%
HEAD: 17in (74%)

Fun fact : He is exactly the same height Hannah was at this age... however he weighs 4 lbs more!

We head to the beach tomorrow with my parents. Hannah is super excited to be going to the "ocean". I'm supposed to be packing as we speak... but I'm burned out! We have sooooo much junk to pack. Who knew how much fun packing could be for an infant, toddler, and 2 adults!

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