Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mr. Ferber I love You

After 3 months of being so careful not to let Drew cry at night in order to make sure that he didn't wake up Hannah we gave it up. He was only going 2 hours at a time without waking and I was breastfeeding him back to sleep EVERY time. I was losing my mind! So we did it... we let him cry it out. Last week we began the Ferber method of crying it out and it worked GREAT! I am in love with this man. Now the little boy who never slept and was up every 2 hours will fall asleep anywhere! (And he is sleeping 8 hrs plus at a time.) Here are a couple pictures of last week when I found him but up... it was a sad day... my baby is growing up!

(PS- I know he shouldn't be sleeping in our bed or on his belly but he did this all on his own. We didn't leave him there... but I had to take a picture. I love butt up shots of babies!)

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