Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Peace Amid Chaos

No pictures tonight..... just wanted to say how grateful I am tonight. Grateful that though I maybe surrounded by chaos and confusion, I am being held by the one who knows no confusion of chaos. We have been struggling greatly this week with the faith that our loan will come through this week. We have been assured that we qualify and that it will be no problem ... BUT... they are backlogged and are having trouble guarenteeing us that we will be through processing in time to close on Monday.
Any move is stressful but this seems super confusing. We no longer own this house, we have no place to live if we don't close Monday, we have a need for child care while we move, and have furniture located in no fewer than 4 cities that all needs to end up in our new house. Not to mention to utilities and delivery of a major appliance. Those of you who know me in real life can imagine that I am not dealing the best with this.
Yet, tonight I am at peace. At peace that I am not in control, and thankful that I know the one who is. Thankful that these things are minor details and that my eternal purpose is assured and my feet are planned on the firmest rock.
So will you join me in praying for not just my loan but for all those who don't have the assurance that they are being held in the palm of the Hand that controls it all?

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