Sunday, February 7, 2010


We finally got some snow! Now this was nothing compared to the fun that they have been having in the Northeast. I mean Uncle Paul would laugh at our snow fall .... but here in Raleigh.... it was amazing to see this much. all 3 inches of it closed down the schools for 4 days! It never ceases to amaze me.... even after living in the south for 14 years... that such minimal snow can reak such havoc. Then again... this time I must confess that the inch of ice that was under the snow did make road conditions (and sidewalk) conditions less than optimal!

Here is Hannah trying to get her footing for the first time this season.
Please excuse the mismatched hat.... it actually is mine. We had been having such a mild winter that all of our snow gear was actually packed in storage. Luckily the little lady has a big head!
This was Drew's first snow fall. Well last year he had some snow... but he was still in utero. My snowpants fit much better this year! A little less snug in the tummy for sure! I'm pretty sure that he was happier about the snow last year! He hated it.....

This is as close to a smile as we got with him. I have some hysterical ones of him screaming because he was so bundled he couldn't move. I dare not post them due to fear of being accused of child abuse! HA!
Drew trying to get away from Daddy!

Puddles LOVED the snow. She did laps around the backyard and attacked snowballs that were thrown her way. She then slept for about 2 days!

Picture of Hannah captured by Daddy and her begging to stay out a little longer.. We sure are jealous of all the snow that DC and Baltimore got... however.... I'm pretty sure that NC would be shut down until May if we got it. So I guess we will be content with what we got!

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