Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sibling Love

Drew is standing up these days. He's very mobile... especially with the use of his handy little push cart. Not quite walking but it won't be long. Hannah is still getting used to his movements. Sometimes she loves it... other times she wishes he was strapped in his swing again. Puddles is a little confused by the movement as well.

Her they are checking out the snow outside. Drew loves this window... I can't keep it clean. I'm sure our realtor loves the handprints, nose prints, and lip marks all over the bottom panes!
When Drew fell down Hannah wrapped him up and gave him a huge kiss. She told him not to cry.
The hug however quickly turned into a tackle.....
And then just for good measure... to emphasis that she was still in charge.... she sat on him! Oh Hannah, in just a few short months this picture will be reversed. Watch out girl.... he's not gonna take it much longer!

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